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Because of his structural analysis expertise Dr. Pratt is able to serve as an expert in a diverse range of industries, including sports equipment and automotive, aerospace and industrial products. Having worked in and developed products for these industries contributes significantly to his effectiveness.

Areas of expertise include

Fastener technology, including aircraft / aerospace fasteners, automotive fasteners, industrial /mechanical fasteners, and connectors and fasteners in building materials

Pressure Cooker Defects and Explosions


Tonneau Cover Accidents

Wheelchair Defects and Restraint Systems

Mechanically-fastened joint failures

Latching mechanisms and latched joint failures — particularly aircraft structural latches

Mechanism kinematics and failure analysis

Metal forming (hot and cold forging) and processing (heat treatment, finishing)

Fastening of laminated composite materials

Types of cases can include

personal injury
wrongful death
products liability
patent infringement
trademark infringement

Argos Engineering uses state-of-the-art tools and computer software to provide definitive results and undisputable conclusions.

See Litigation Support Experience.

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