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Structural engineering capabilities

Finite Element Analysis

  • Nonlinear static, dynamic, and thermal finite element analysis of multi-component systems using LLNL suite of analytical software (NIKE2D , NIKE3D, DYNA2D, DYNA3D, TOPAZ2D, TOPAZ3D). Includes modeling of metals (including shape memory alloys--SMA), concrete, composites and honeycomb materials.
    • Modeling of multi-piece fastener systems to determine the influence of various parameters on performance (e.g., residual preload, joint strength, etc.). The capability has been substantiated on CherryMAX, Huck-Clinch, Solid Rivets, Lockbolts, Hi-Loks, All-Max and other fastening systems.
    • MMPDS (MIL-HDBK-5) Joint load-deflection behavior. Substantiated for bolted, riveted and blind-fastened flush-fastened joints during Ph.D. research.
  • Ballistics modeling, including erosion and element failure. Used during development of latch protective shields used on terrorist-proof cockpit doors.
  • Wind load calculation and analysis on buildings and other structures in accordance with the Uniform Building Code and ASCE 7-05.

Numerical Modeling

  • Runge-Kutta, Newton-Raphson, and other numerical integration/differentiation tools used successfully to predict dynamics of decompression latches and panels in aircraft (substantiated for all single-aisle aircraft by Boeing, Bombardier, Embraer, and Douglas).

Conventional Stress Analysis

  • Conventional structural stress analysis, including static, fatigue, limit, ultimate, and vibration--using closed-form solutions ("hand calcs") and/or FEA as required..


  • Specialty-built chamber and equipment for testing pressure cookers.

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