Argos Engineering offers a full range of professional litigation consulting services for intellectual property and products liability matters.

We have all the resources your organization needs—including the analytical tools (CADD, FEA) and test equipment--to evaluate allegedly defective products as well as the experience and wherewithall to address intellectual property matters, including patent infringement, misappropriation of trade secrets and trade dress.

Argos Engineering was established to provide litigation consulting and structural engineering services. With over 40 years of aerospace and industrial engineering experience, Argos Engineering is uniquely positioned to provide failure analysis, accident investigation, numerical modeling, and product development services to diverse industries. Finite element modeling with advanced code from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) enables comprehensive analysis of static and dynamic events. 

Argos Engineering's principal, John D. Pratt, Ph.D., P.E.,has earned 48 United States patents during his career in the fastener and latching mechanism businesses. He has served as Chairman of several domestic and international committees dealing with aerospace hardware and design allowables. During this time he has led the development of many aerospace systems, including the terrorist-proof cockpit door decompression latches used on half of the world fleet of commercial transport aircraft. Other successes include the Composi-Lok I and II and Visu-Lok II blind bolt product lines.

Court experience includes testimony in over sixty patent infringement and products liability matters, as well as extended testimony before the Federal Trade Commission and United States International Trade Commision.

As Chairman of the Industrial Fasteners Institute Technical Committee for Aerospace Fasteners, Dr. Pratt helped lead efforts to draft FAA-TSO-C148, and subsequently received the first FAA approvals under that regulation. Dr. Pratt also served as International Chairman of ISO/TC20/SC4/WG8, the organization for standardization of aerospace rivets, blind fasteners, lockbolts, and threaded pin-collar fasteners (e.g., Hi-Lites). In this capacity many of today's standards for metric aerospace fasteners were established

Specific Areas of Focus:

  • Products Liability--Mechanical Systems Including Fasteners and Latching Mechanisms
  • Intellectual Property--Patent Infringement, Trade Dress, Misappropriation of Trade Secrets, Inter Partes Review, USITC
  • Manufacturing of Metal and Plastic Parts
  • Industry and Government Standards

Our highly regarded consulting services can help you address a wide variety of business challenges. Give us a call today to find out how we can help you thrive.